Boldenone Propionate

Boldenone Propionate

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Product Name:Boldenone Propionate
CAS No:13103-34-9
Molecular Formula:C22H30O3
Molecular Weight:342.47
Assay:98% min
Quality Standard:USP/ISO9001
Appearance:White or off-white crystalline powder
Supply Ability:500-800kg/month
Storage:Store at 8℃-20℃, protect from moisture and light.

Chemical Properties of Boldenone Propionate:

Test Of Analysis Standard Of Analysis Results Of Analysis
Solubility Practically insoluble in water, freely soluble in

acetone and in alcohol soluble in fatty oils.

Identification IR Positive
Assay(on dry bsis) 97.0~103.0% 98.25%
Specific Rotation +84° ~+90° +86.5°
Loss On Drying 0.5%max 0.25%
Related Substances Any impurity: 0.5%max
Total: 1.0%max
Disregard limit: 0.05%max
< 0.5%
< 1.0%
< 0.05%

Boldenone Propionate as anabolic steroids,it is often used in the athletes steroids.Boldenone has a relatively favorable side effect profile compared to most other anabolic steroids. Conversion to estrogen is low, and if anything the modest amount of conversion can be beneficial if no other aromatizing steroid is being used. Boldenone propionate, has a half-life of probably only about two days. It would provide a very sharp transition of blood levels.The most common problems are increased appetite and at higher doses, sometimes a feverish feeling. But in general, it’s very well tolerated at modest dosages such as up to 400-500 mg/week and sometimes more.

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