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Product Name:Exemestane
CAS No:107868-30-4
Molecular Formula:C20H24O2
Molecular Weight::296.40
Assay:98% min
Quality Standard:USP/ISO9001
Appearance:White or almost White Crystalline Powder
Supply Ability:500-800kg/month
Storage:Store at 8℃-20℃, protect from moisture and light.

Chemical Properties of Exemestane:

Test Of Analysis Standard Of Analysis Results Of Analysis
Identification A:IR B:RT(HPLC) Conforms
Solubility Freely soluble in methanol,ethanol,ethylacetate

chloroform slightly soluble in water and 0.1

Mhydrochloric acid solution

Water ≤0.5% 0.22%
Specific Optical Rotation +290–+300° +293.94°
Residual solvents Spirooxiran1≤0.15% 0.03%
Spirooxiran2≤0.15% 0.05%
Exemestane related related compound C≤ 0.15% 0.01%
Exemestane related related compound A≤0.15% 0.12%
Any unspecified imputity ≤0.10% 0.08%
Total impurity≤0.50% 0.45%
Heavy metal ≤10ppm Conforms
Residue Ignition ≤1.0% 0.24%
Assay 98.5~101.5% 99.79%


Exemestane is used to treat certain types of breast cancer (such as hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer) in women after menopause. Exemestane is also used to help prevent the cancer from returning.Some breast cancers are made to grow faster by a natural hormone called estrogen. Exemestane decreases the amount of estrogen the body makes and helps to slow or reverse the growth of these breast cancers.But during women of childbearing age,pls don’t use it.Dosage is based on your medical condition, response to treatment,and other medications you may be taking.Usual adult dose for breast cancer 25 mg orally once a day.

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