Testosterone Isocaproate

Testosterone Isocaproate

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Product Name:Testosterone Isocaproate
CAS No.:15262-86-9
Molecular Formula:C25H38O3
Molecular Weight:386.57
Assay:98% min
Quality Standard:USP/ISO9001
Appearance:White to white crystalline powder
Supply Ability:500-800kg/month
Storage:Store at 8℃-20℃, protect from moisture and light.

Chemical Properties of Testosterone Isocaproate:

Test Of Analysis Standard Of Analysis Results Of Analysis
Identification Positive Positive
Specific Rotation +79°~ +83° +81.4°
Melting Point 60-63 °C 60.5~62.5 °C
Loss On Drying ≤0.50% 0.36%
Free acid 0.5%max 0.31%
Residual Solvents Meet the requirements Comforms
Ordinary Impurities 0.2%max 1.5%
Residue On Ignition 0.2%max 0.03%
Assay 97.0~103.0% 98.5%


Testosterone Isocaproate is an active component of potent steroids like Omnadren and Sustanon250. It has a moderately long half-life which means that it remains active in the body and you do not need to inject it on a daily basis.With Testosterone Isocaproate the user can gain muscle mass, strength and weight besides an increased stamina and a drive to train harder.This steroid enhances performance and gives lean muscle mass as it burns off fat.Testosterone Isocaproate remains active in the body for a week to ten days.Keeping this in mind the recommended dose for Testosterone Isocaproate is 250mg/week for starters and up to 1000mgs/week for serious bodybuilders and athletes.


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