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1)Assemble the following items.These are the only items you will need to produce any finished Steroid product:
-Carrier Oil
-Syringe(Any Size)
-Benzyl Benzoate(BB)
-Benzyl Alcohol(BA)
-Sterile Glass Vial(Any size)
-High Quality Steroid Powder
-Sterile Syringe filter.22um
-Digital scales measuring to 0.01g
Notes:The syringe is used to push the unfiltered steroid mixture through the syringe fitler.
Select the size of the syringe depending on how much you intend to create.This syringe can be rinsed and reused for future

2)Select the recipe from our Recipes page,Forum or creat your own with our Steroid Calculator and scale the recipes up or down depanding on the weight of powder you are using.For example if the recipe is for 10g and you have only 5g of powder you will halve all the values.
The “Recipe” is simply the lowest amount of solvents(BA/BB) required to keep the powders dissolved-2%BA and 20% BB you will find can hold almost all compounds in their normal Mg/ml variations.
Stronger solvents like Ethyl Oleate are often used by Steroid Labs to make high Mg/ml products or with products that tend to be more painful.
In this example we will be using the following trenbolone acetate recipe:
50ml Tren acetate 5g powder
1ml BA
10ml BB
35ml Grape-seed Oil

3)Weigh the Steroid powder into the Glass Beaker as shown above,Add the BA and BB.

4)The Solvents will begin immediately dissolving the powder but in order to speed the process up it is possible to use a Water Bath.
Pace the vial into a few cm of water in a pan or something similar:It is important not to use water that is too hot because this will cause some proudcts to oxidize-150f is a good temperature to use alternatively boiled water from the kettle.The Carrier Oil should be the same temperature as the solution when it is added so if you warm the solution in a water bath you should also do the same to the Carier oil.
The objective at this point is simply to fully dissolve the powder into solvents.There should be no”Hormone swirls” or any visible powder remaining in the solution and once this is acheived move on to the next step.

5)Add the warmed the Garpe Seed Oil to the Solvtion.This case 35ml must be added.Mix thoroughly again.There should be no hormone swirls.Once this occurs immediately from the water bath and move on to the filtering process.
Above:The Steroid Powder is fully dissolved in the Solvents,the carrier oils is added and the product is ready to be filtered.

6)Draw up the solution into the Syringe you will be filtering with this can be a single large syringe or this can be repeated multiple times with a smaller Syringe.Remove the 0.22um Sterile Syringe Filter from its packaging and fix the green needle to the smaller side and then apply to the syringe.For assistance oon the best type of syringe filter.
Wipe the top of the Sterile Vial with an alcohol swab and insert the Green Needle in it.Put the needle attached to the syringe filter into the vial as shown below:
Notes:The second needle equalizes the pressure as the Solution enters the vial. Apply pressure to the Syringe plunger to filter the mixture.This is the most important part of this entire process as it is what sterilizes your products.All finished steroids from any steroid lab must go through this very process.

Occasionally one may find that the filter gets blocked or that the process slow dratically-it is acceptable to replace the fitler with a new one if this occures to save time.The time it takes to filter Steroids depends on which steroid is being filtered and how much is being filtered.As well as the mg/ml of the product.

Once the products is filtered in the Steroild vials the process is complete.

The entire process above has taken roughly 40 minutes and has requried zero skill.In this example 50ml of trenbolone acetate with a street vaule of roughly $680$ was produceed with a total production cost of roughly $100-on exceptional profit/saving margin.

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